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Christmas Lists!

Don't forget, everyone gives presents to Shelby!

*gift cards: Charlotte Russe, Victoria's Secret, Target
*Champion sports bras (size medium)
*cute fashion scarfs
*any fun board games
*cute designed hair dryer or hair straightener (they have really cute ones at Target)

*gift cards: eBay,, Best Buy
*athletic shorts, size XL

*"Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" comic books/graphic novels (I dont know which it is technically considered)
*"Alice in Wonderland" DVD (New Tim Burton one)
*"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" DVD

*American Eagle Outfitters gift card
*gasoline gift cards
*good-smelling cologne

*The seven-book set of the "Among the Hidden" books by Margaret Peterson Haddix (in the kid's section of a bookstore--they all start with "Among the...") my set at school is all worn out, they're so good! (all soft cover)
*knee socks (actually, over the knee) in navy blue, black, red, brown, size 9-11 or 10-12
*the book (soft cover) "Farmer Boy" by Laura Ingalls Wilder (for my classroom, too)
*inexpensive digital camera to use in my classroom....nothing fancy.

*CD: U2 "18 Singles"
*Dress shirts-17 neck, 34/35 any colors
*Set of containers with lids for the kitchen, easy to store kind that stay together (instead of the country crock ones that we can't ever seem to match up)
*cool ties, as always :)
*Bleacher seat with a back for when he runs the clock for basketball games

*Glee DVD (not Blu Ray) First season
*Farm & Fleet Gift Card
*Dicks or Sports Authority Gift Card
*Earmuffs 180s behind the head style, black
*Gloves black knit (possibly with a grippy-type palm/fingers)
*Leggings size M, Capri length, black or gray

*Gray or navy crew neck sweatshirt, no logos on it, just a regular-type sweatshirt - size 2XL
*Barnes & Noble, Borders, or Waldenbooks gift card
*Book on 1970s Corvettes
*Book on old windmills
*CDs: Meatloaf "Bat Out Of Hell," Shakira "Laundry Service" (English version)
*Leather gloves insulated, black, size 2XL (for big hands)

*tote bags: sturdy and big enough to hold a couple of big books, doesn't matter what color they are, doesn't matter if they zip or not
*accordion file folders: plastic, with several pockets for organizing papers
*computer accessories: little cases for storing flash drives & camera memory cards
*DVDs: the Carol Burnett Show (any season), Wuthering Heights (1939 w/Laurence Olivier), the Monkees (any season, preferably the earlier ones), Andy Williams Show (any season)
*photo album pages, not the sticky kind, but the kind with slide-in pockets
*pretty earrings
*gift cards: eBay, Roaman's, Borders

*flavored coffee (no chocolate or vanilla)
*photo album, w/pockets, not one-sheet cellophane
*Rod Stewart CD "American Songbook #5"
*Kohl's gift card
*body spray, Vanilla from Bath & Body Works

*flannel plaid long-sleeved shirt, size 2X, to go with black, grey or jeans. must have breast pocket
*gift card from Menards or Farm & Fleet